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NEUROMANCER Author WILLIAM GIBSON Brings A Dark Future To 1945 (& Comic Books) With ARCHANGEL
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Fortunately he compiled this diary of the dramas and disasters that befell the ill-fated Convoy PQ More than four million tonnes of supplies such as tanks, fighters, bombers, ammunition, raw materials and food were transported to Russia during a four-year period. The campaign had seen the loss of merchant ships and sixteen military vessels, and the thousands of seamen they carried.

It is to the memory of these brave men that this book is dedicated and the stories of the immeasurable contribution they made to the Allied efforts during the Second World War have been collected for this book by their veteran comrades. Based on extensive archival research and in-person interviews with over recipients or their families, Illuminated by over never before published photographs of exceptionally rare Soviet and American medals, photographs, and related documents still in the possession of the veterans and their families today.

The Worst Journey shadows the experience of the sailors on the seventy-eight Arctic convoys: from enlistment, through training, joining a ship, shore leave, action and death - or survival - at sea. It follows the fortunes of twenty-five sailors drawn from the bottom, middle and top of the navy's ranks. A sailor's position aboard ship played a critical role in whether he survived an attack or sinking, depending on where the ship was hit, or holed.

Albert Sigurdson wrote his memoirs that his daughter has now printed and added a lot of info. Shortly thereafter, the Ironclad sailed the PQ to Russia. Albert spent a whole winter in the northern regions of Russia before returning to Iceland again. Books with info about the arctic convoys There are a lot of books written about the convoys to Murmansk and Archangel. They are mostly about the famous PQ17 convoy, the biggest arctic convoy disaster in July Here below are books mentioned about these arctic convoys, ordered by publication date.

There are also a lot off fictionalized books about these convoys, these are mentioned on this website , or at this site :. There go the ships English. Written and published during WWII, so names are maskered. Garland in convoy to Russia English. The record of a Polish destroyer on her journey from Great Britain to Murmansk and Archangel in the spring of Twelve months that changed the world English.


The story of a war correspondent who embarked on the notorious but so vital Russian Convoys on their journeys to Murmansk and the dangers and losses they suffered from German U-boats. One chapter about the SS Beaconhill one of the "forgotten convoy". Year of Stalingrad English. A historical record of a study of Russian mentality, methods and policies by Alexander Werth. Winn, Godfrey new preface A ship in the famous Russian convoy in World War II told by a war correspondent who sailed with the convoys between Belfast and Archangel.

Tusen Norske skip Norwegian Norway's new saga of the sea English. Varen in oorlogstijd Dutch. Dutch book about the Dutch Merchant Marines. About ships are mentioned, each with a short story about their loss and her crew. The Paulus Potter of convoy PQ17 is mentioned with a 11 page story. Scheepsverklaring Dutch.

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Touching the Adventures of merchant men in the second world war English. A collection of eye-witness testimony of men who served in unarmed or lightly armed merchant ships under attack by submarines, German ships of war and aircraft of Herman Goerings's Luftwaffe.

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One story about the Empire Starlight of PQ Through the waters English Flagship to Murmansk English. Flagship to Murmansk is his story of the terrible year , from that dramatic and terrifying journey through the bitter seas on convoy PQ18, to escort duty in the dangerous waters along the North African coast, and back again to the savage Murmansk run. The Kola run English.


Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection. The vastness of the stones in the front were plainly visible on the outside yet so that the inward parts were fastened together with iron, and preserved the joints immovable for future times. Batman Adventures The description of the Father and His Son is found many places in Revelation. This edition takes into account the latest information and literature.

The Kola Run was the Arctic Sea route by which Britain supplied the soviet army with vital armaments from to This thrilling book contains the first factual account of the stresses and strains, and the highlights and disasters, of the ships that fought through in convoy's to Russia during World War Two. In peril on the sea, war exploits of allied seamen. Here is the first full account of those merchant marine ships and their heroic crews.

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Attacked by land-based German Stuka dive bombers, trailed by aggressive U-boat wolf packs, these Allied seaman braved incredible risks in ice-choked northern seas. One of the biggest convoy disaster of wwII was fairly unknown to the German public. The tragic history begins when the protecting Navy left the 35 ships alone.

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The 35 ships of convoy PQ17 had to sail alone to Russia. Daar zaten wij - impressies over Londen ''45 Dutch. The rescue ships English.

NEUROMANCER Author WILLIAM GIBSON Brings A Dark Future To 1945 (& Comic Books) With ARCHANGEL

Rescue ships, as used in the second World War, were Merchant Navy vessels of about 1, gross tons mostly from the coastal trade, commanded and maned by merchant navy personnel. This is their story. The British admiralty, acting on intelligence reports later proved false that the battleship Tirpitz had put to sea, gave an order for the convoy to scatter while the naval escorts searched for the battleship.

Captain Broome complained that in Irving's book, the blame for the convoy's destruction was put on him, the inference being that the navy had abandoned the merchant ships. The first edition has some statements that had to be changed.

Books with info about the arctic convoys

Broome the escort commander mounted a libel action to defend his reputation. He won and the book was withdrawn from circulation. Later the book was republished, with corrections also free downloadable.


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Convoglio per l'inferno. Il racconto dei superstiti Italian. In June Convoy P.

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Thay had a reasonable chance of success until the order came to "Scatter! A cold corner of hell English. In , Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin Roosevelt reached an agreement that released transport ships and naval escort to rush desperately needed materiel through Arctic seas to Murmansk. Dictionary of disasters at sea during the age of steam English. PDF files internet ,period It lists all ships of war lost in action and requisitioned merchant ships.

Strolling along down the path which led to the fell, I saw in one spot where the ground was soft the impressions of a foot—the small, dainty foot of a well-booted woman. That tiny heel and high in-step could have belonged to none other than my companion of Kirkby-Malhouse. I followed her trail for some distance, till it still pointed, so far as I could discern it, to the lonely and ill-omened cottage.

What power could there be to draw this tender girl, through wind and rain and darkness, across the fearsome moors to that strange rendezvous? I have said that a little beck flowed down the valley and past my very door. A week or so after the doings which I have described, I was seated by my window when I perceived something white drifting slowly down the stream.

My first thought was that it was a drowning sheep; but picking up my stick, I strolled to the bank and hooked it ashore. On examination it prove to be a large sheet, torn and tattered, with the initials J. What gave it its sinister significance, however, was that from hem to hem it was all dabbled and discoloured. Shutting the door of my cabin, I set off up the glen in the direction of the surgeon's cabin. I had not gone far before I perceived the very man himself. He was walking rapidly along the hillside, beating the furze bushes with a cudgel and bellowing like a madman.

Indeed, at the sight of him, the doubts as to his sanity which had risen in my mind were strengthened and confirmed. As he approached I noticed that his left arm was suspended in a sling. On perceiving me he stood irresolute, as though uncertain whether to come over to me or not.