Foundations of International Migration Law

Foundations of International Migration Law
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Foundations of International Migration Law

Classes: 31 I sem. The main topics of the course are: Citizenship and cosmopolitan theories. The rules on citizenship and the status of non-citizens in a comparative perspective. The general rules on entry and admissions.


Spara som favorit. The tension has been reflected in colourful metaphors. In Illinois, we were a leading contributor to efforts to further immigrant integration, bolster legal aid capacity, and lift up the voices of business and civic leaders in support of improved immigration policy. Milena Novy-Marx. The third pillar has witnessed important changes requiring States to cooperate more closely in almost every aspect of migration.

The right to asylum, political refuge, and subsidiary protection. The rights of unauthorized immigrants.

The EU citizenship. Identify and discuss the theoretical foundation of the rights of foreigners.

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Distinguish migration law from the general theory of human rights, in order to frame migration issues within the complexity of ethical, cultural and legal aspects raised by the mass migration phenomenon. Contextualize rules concerning migration within the framework of a multilevel legal order.

Understand the foundations of the EU citizenship and free movement of persons. Use national and European legal materials with a view to identify the legal status of non-citizens.


It will also appeal to those who have focussed on a particular branch of international migration law but require an understanding of how their specialisation fits with other branches of the discipline. Written by migration law specialists and led by respected international experts, this volume draws upon the combined knowledge of international migration law and policy from academia; international, intergovernmental, regional and non-governmental organisations; and national governments.

Additional features include case studies, maps, break-out boxes and references to resources which allow for a full understanding of the law in context. Toon meer Toon minder.

Recensie s 'Minimalistically defined by Louis Varlez in as the body of international norms applicable to migration, international migration law continues to struggle to achieve recognition as a discrete body of international law ranking alongside international criminal law, the law of the sea, international economic law, etc.

In a weighty study, featuring sixteen different contributions by leading scholars, the editors seek to furnish an overview of the subject in an accessible foundational text that includes maps, case studies, break-out boxes and a helpful glossary. International migration law is seen to have three pillars: human rights, state sovereignty and international cooperation. Reviews Schrijf een review. Bindwijze: Paperback. Verkoop door bol.

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Global Migration Centre. Migrants Rights Project. Head, International Law Department. Director, Global Migration Centre. Human rights apply to everyone irrespective of nationality.

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