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After running the Mongol Derby for a decade we knew it was time to grow the new sport of ultra-endurance horse racing we had created. So we went in search of the next world beating adventure. This is the greatest test of horsemanship and wilderness skills on Earth.

This is the pioneers Gaucho Derby. The mind bending terrain in Patagonia makes this a race quite unlike anything else on the planet.

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Steven, Again, I would like to thank you for your feedback. Previous Next 1 2. Russian You might even just be our first winner. Gaucho - Piccadilly Claimed. It's obviously predominantly steaks but there are risottos etc.

The Gaucho Derby is a multi horse race, but not in the same way the Mongol Derby. The flatter pampas sections will see you turning up the MPH to eat up the miles. For these sections you will be swapping to fresh horses regularly. We would rather nobody wins than someone wins by pushing too hard. Riders seen making bad decisions, riding too fast across difficult terrain or not presenting horses in great condition will get penalties or be disqualified. Full rules will be available to riders as we are developing them with our vet team now. Riders will be tracked by satellite and we have a world class remote medical support team monitoring rider health and responding to emergencies.

Gauchos considering a long journey in Patagonia often do so with the help of a trusty pack horse. This makes riding, well, different. You always have a fresh horse with you and can carry a bit more stuff with you. But you now have two horses to look after.

It means we can reduce the strain on the beasts carrying you over the slower more technical sections. When we launch a new race we like to test it repeatedly to make it awesome. We recently completed the first test of some of the route for the new Derby by all the gods of horses is it a beast. But once our testing is done we release the adventure to a small select crowd of adventurers to ride the race for the very first time t he gauntlet has been laid down.

March sees the Pioneers edition of the Gaucho Derby. The status shown with the status icon can be idle black , running blue , successful green or failed red. Clicking in the task name the log will be displayed, allowing you to check the task output in real time.

Gaucho - O2, London

A task can also be scheduled through the context menu. This menu also allows to perform some of the actions described above. By clicking the Edit button on the top right corner you'll be able to edit the suites and tasks edit mode.

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Optionally a path can be added as well, if no path is added, default user path will be used. The tasks can be deleted by clicking the Delete button.

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Keep in mind that importing tasks will delete all currently existing tasks. If you want to contribute to Gaucho, create a new different version of Gaucho, or compile it from source code, follow these instructions. Make sure you have node and npm already installed in your system:.

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