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Radiation pressure acceleration: perspectives and limits
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I also would like to thanks Dr.

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Her help was very valuable to make my job easier. To them my special thanks, by the references, seminars, information and also the encouragement. To Prof.

Don Lincoln for the attention by answering all my emails carefully and collaboration, dispelling my doubts. I am also thanks Prof. Andrea Mairani, for permission to use the picture on FLUKA, facilitating the understanding of the use of this simulation code. George J. Caporaso, inventor of the DWA, holder of numerous patents, my thanks for permission to use the figures concerning the DWA in fairly advanced stage of construction.

Certainly, soon we will have a linear accelerator with reduced cost, saving thousands of lives.


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Trade paperback US. Glued binding. Springerbriefs in Physics. In Stock. Brand New, Perfect Condition, allow business days for standard shipping. To Alaska, Hawaii, U. No expedited shipping. These systems are particularly interesting to physicists, as they clearly show how temperature gradients between different regions affect the gradients of fluid pressures and compositions.

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However, because these reservoirs are so hard to access, researchers can only model them using data from a few sparse points, meaning many of their properties can only be guessed at. They show that if the right choices are made when constructing models, no assumptions are needed in order to calculate the impact of temperature gradients on pressure and composition gradients. The orientation of the ordered molecules that make up nematic liquid crystals can change under electric fields, and can be used to detect subtle electrical effects.

You may not know it, but you probably spend several hours a day looking at nematic liquid crystals; they are used in virtually every smartphone, computer and TV screen. They are liquids composed of elongated molecules, which in some situations can be oriented in a curious way termed the 'dowser texture', which is sensitive to external conditions. A certain type of neuron, called inhibitory neurons, can have two types of overall effect on oscillations in the brain.

Studying the brain involves measuring the activity of billions of individual brain cells called neurons.

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Consequently, many brain measurement techniques produce data that is averaged to reflect the activity of large populations of these neurons. If all of the neurons are behaving differently, this will average out. But, when the behaviour of individual neurons is synchronized, it produces clearly visible oscillations.

Now, a group of researchers from the Institute of Computational Physics and Complex Systems at Lanzhou University, China, has used a combination of two computer models to study the ways different kinds of neurons can impact synchronisation.

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The study is published in the European Physical Journal B. Full Cascade mode describes fully the cascades while in Quick Calculations only the trajectory of the ion is followed, and effective formulas give an estimation of the damage resulting from each collision of the ion.

The Janus Fluid : A Theoretical Perspective

Quick Calculation of damage are implemented in the Iradina code both for elemental and multi-component solids. Good agreement is obtained with SRIM. It is shown that Quick Calculations are unphysical in multi-component systems. The choice between Full Cascade and Quick Calculations is discussed. It is advised in this paper to favour Full Cascade over Quick Calculation because it more grounded physically and applicable to all materials.

Quick Calculations remain a good option for comparisons with former studies or for pure solids in the case of actual quantitative comparisons with neutron irradiations simulations in which damage levels are estimated with the NRT Norgett-Robinson and Torrens formulas. News EPJ Plus Focus Point: Tests of General Relativity and Alternative Gravity Theories Details Published on 04 July Testing of fundamental physical theories at ever higher accuracy is a continuous process and hence General Relativity and the development of alternative gravity theories have always been among the interests of experimentalists, astronomers and theoreticians.

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I plunged hard in Hadron Therapy. Skyrmions in Magnetic Materials Shinichiro Seki. Interparticle spacings that approach NP size allow near-field coupling 41 which increases exchange of electromagnetic energy between NP and red-shifts the LSPR. Popular Features. Illustrations note 4 Illustrations, color; 10 Illustrations, black and white; X, 50 p. View Synopsis. Scale bar is equivalent to 1 cm.

Photo by M. A new analysis of the bid-ask spread of stock prices reveals that placements and deletions of trade orders can affect stock prices as much as trades themselves The first rule on the stock market is to buy low and sell high. EPJ D Highlight - Simulations fix the cracks in magnetic mirrors Details Published on 01 July Confining simulated plasma Computer simulations reveal that magnetic mirrors can be tweaked to confine plasma more effectively, by fine-tuning both the arrangements of their electromagnets, and the initial properties of the plasma itself When ring-shaped electromagnets are set up in linear arrangements, they can produce magnetic fields resembling a tube with a cone at each end; a structure which repels charged particles entering one cone back along their path of approach.

EPJE Topical Review: Lattice Boltzmann methods and active fluids Details Published on 28 June Active fluids are living matter or biologically inspired systems, consisting of self-propelled units that burn stored or ambient energy and turn it into work, eventually giving rise to systematic movement.

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EPJ B Highlight - How to stop diseases and forest fires from spreading Details Published on 12 June When the population approaches a certain level of heterogeneity, the infection slows. A new model, published in EPJ B and exploring how epidemics spread, could help prevent infections and forest fires from getting out of hand Recently, epidemics like measles have been spreading due to the lack of vaccinations, and forest fires have become increasingly frequent due to climate change.

EPJ E Highlight - Dowsing for electric fields in liquid crystals Details Published on 03 June Following the change in orientation of the molecules in the dowser texture yields a shape that resembles the wooden dowsing rods used in previous centuries to locate groundwater. EPJ B Highlight - Inhibitory neurons have two types of impact on brain oscillations Details Published on 28 May The emergence of synchronization with excitatory and inhibitory neurons.

A certain type of neuron, called inhibitory neurons, can have two types of overall effect on oscillations in the brain Studying the brain involves measuring the activity of billions of individual brain cells called neurons. EPJ Appl. B Eur. E Eur.

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EPJ Photovolt.