How to Eat Uncommon Fruit

68 Exotic Fruits From Around The World (With Pictures!)
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Also known as Thai wax apple, bell fruit and rose apple, the water apple is actually a berry. This pear-shaped anomaly is reminiscent of watermelon, with a high water content that results in a crisp and refreshing flavor. Coffee Tea Perfect for when you're Too Sober See All Drinks.

The 10 Strangest Exotic Fruits Commonly Eaten in China

Dining Hall Dorm Lyfe Perfect for when you're Broke See All How To. See All Videos. That email doesn't look right. Photo Courtesy of Klik Hotel Blog. Photo Courtesy of Weight Loss Journey. Photo Courtesy of thaihealth. Photo Courtesy of Flickr: Koshyk.

20 Exotic Fruits You Should Try at Least Once | HFTribe

Photo Courtesy of Pine Island Nursery. Photo Courtesy of oola. Photo Courtesy of Fairway Market blog.

Dry it, fry it, juice it, BBQ it — just don't let it go bad

Rare and sometimes weird fruits with unusual and unique shapes, flavors and green fruit in half and eat its delicious flesh, you will definitely want more of it. Discover 10 amazing exotic fruits you've probably never tried--or even heard of. Plus, learn where each fruit originated, how to eat it and what it.

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1. Cherimoya

Native to the tropical rainforests of southern Mexico, Monstera deliciosa actually grows in Australia -- pretty much everywhere. That email doesn't look right. Sometimes photos are mislabeled, and you are correct, I had the wrong photos. Type keyword s to search. The individual pulpy pieces can be eaten straight out of the fruit as-is, and the flesh is a less sweet version of the jackfruit.

Photo Courtesy of Queen Victoria Market. Look out for the inedible seed at the center, but otherwise, enjoy! Rambutan can be found at markets and fruit stands all over Southeast Asia. Those sold still on the branch are the freshest, but feel free to buy any that don't feel dry and whose bristles aren't brittle. Native to Mexico and the American southwest, the prickly pear is the fruit of several related species of cactus. Prickly pears vary widely in taste and texture, with different varieties resembling everything from figs to kiwis.

They can all be eaten raw make sure the spines have been removed before you try peeling!

This exotic fruit tastes like pork, and it could save millions from starvation

The red or white flesh has the texture of a kiwi and a sweet flavor that melds wonderfully with the crunchy nuttiness of the seeds. In the Americas, the fruit can be found at greenmarkets in drier climates from August to early November.

In Southeast Asia, dragon fruit is available year-round, but is at its best from May to October. Most Westerners have only ever eaten one type of banana, the Cavendish, which owes its dominance in the export market to its ability to withstand the rigors of international shipping. But there are dozens of banana varieties out there just waiting to be sampled.

Lady Finger Bananas, popular in Thailand and Cambodia where they are the national fruit , is an especially delicate variety with a much sweeter taste than the Cavendish. Zwetschge plural zwetschgen is often translated as "Damson plum," a tart oval plum common in England and France that's relatively easy to find in the States.

1. Rambutan

But while the zwetschge is related, it has unique qualities that make it worth seeking out. Found throughout Germany and Central Europe in August and September, the zwetschge has sweet flesh that separates easily from the pit, making it a pleasant fruit to eat out of your hand.

BEST EXOTIC FRUITS - ASMR *Crunchy Juicy No Talking Eating Sounds - N.E Let's Eat

Zwetschgen are also wonderful cooked, especially in Schmootsch , a delightfully named spiced jam from southwestern Poland. This fruit, akin to a large raspberry, is native to the Hawaiian Islands.

1. Durian (榴莲 liúlián)

Much larger than a typical raspberry, the vibrant akala berry has a balance of tang and sweetness that makes it perfect for jams and pies, while the ripest and most deeply hued berries are enjoyable just as they are. Look for the akala berry at Hawaiian markets in the summer months, since the akala plant goes dormant in the winter.

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Make an itinerary of fruits to try around the world, including Norwegian cloudberries, Thai mangosteens, and Mexican prickly pears. Share via Twitter. Share via Email.