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Statistical Optimization for Geometric Computation : Theory and Practice
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The first Shennon tiveorem. The second Shennon theorem.

Thole by R. Sveamen end M. B,Fiedmon, Bibliography, vi pp. It provides analytical tools needed to Faploce many of the cumbersome concepts and devices commonly used for establishing basic formulae, and it furnishes the mathematician with f topical step-by-step introduction, which will enable him to master the elements of statistical mechanics in the shortest possible time. It is clear, concise, and rigorous. Key t0 notations.

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By David Wells A thorough and comprehensive listing of numbers from the square root of -1 to lucky numbers. By Carl C. Gaither A dictionary of statistical quotations, from Shakespeare and Abraham Lincoln to eminent statisticians such as John Tukey. By Christopher Clapham An invaluable guide to the language of mathematics. By Derek Rowntree An excellent introductory text to a much misunderstood area of mathematics.

By Gerd Gigerenzer A cautionary look at the application and misuse of statistics.

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Find out more… What is Mathematics, Really? Find out more… , and all that By David Acheson A lovely little book that provides a mini tour of many mathematical gems. Find out more… What are the Chances?

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Find out more… Does God Play Dice? An exploration of the mathematics of chaos. Figments of Reality A delve into the world of evolution and mind theory. From Here to Infinity An interesting and accessible account of current mathematical topics. The Magical Maze Stewart uses a maze theme to explain the intricate connections between fields in popular mathematics, from game theory to knots to chaos.

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Here are some of his most popular titles: The Colossal Book of Mathematics Gardner has collected articles from his year old archive of Scientific American articles. Classic Brainteasers A collection of favourite puzzles and games. Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles Some excellent games and riddles to lose yourself in. Dover Mathematics Books This publisher has an excellent reputation for their wide range of mathematics books.

Here are just a few of their most popular titles: Great Problems of Elementary Mathematics By Heinrich D-Orrie A puzzle book that has lost none of its ingenuity in its translation from French to English. A Concise History of Mathematics By Dirk Jan Struik An interesting and accessible guide to some of the greatest mathematicians and the remarkable findings they have made.

Heath An excellent reference guide. Eves An interesting, accessible and thorough account. Games, Gods and Gambling By F.

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David A study into the history of statistics. Zero By Charles Seife An account of one of the simplest, yet most complicated of ideas in mathematics — the number zero. The Golden Ratio By Mario Livio This is one of the first accounts of the never-ending number phi, also known as the Golden Ratio, a figure found throughout the laws of nature. Mathematics: The Science of Patterns By Keith Devlin Devlin explains and investigates patterns in number sequences that have led to the further evolution of mathematical research.

Flatland By Edwin A.