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Only 5 left in stock - order soon. In order to get Temptation: Change, you must go to the Ecdysis Club with Sulochana Amavasya and talk with her about your current Temptation. This ending has you being reshaped by the power of the Moth or of the Heart into a mysterious alien, immortal being. It involves dancing at the Ecdysis Club under the mentorship of Sulochana Amavasya and visiting distant locations as spirit forms. There are 3 different endings:.

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The guide below mentions Moth but you can also replace it with Heart depending what ending you wish to achieve. You need to have the Sulochana Amavasya card to start this path. The Dancer legacy gets it automatically, otherwise you can randomly meet her the same way you meet patrons. Once you know Sulochana, talk to her about your Temptation to get the directions to her club if you don't already have it.

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Then, explore the Ecdysis Club with her as your entry instead of funds and speak about your Temptation to change it to Change if needed. Then do it once again, and she will give you a contract to work at the club. In order to work at the club to advance on the path, you need the contract obviously , the Ecdysis Club it needs to be open and your Desire for Change card. You can provide one Ability or scar card, and an extra influence. Alternatively you can also work with you Physique skill instead of your Desire in order to get a better contract, better paid and that allows you to use more cards.

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When you work with Passion or Health, those cards can be permanently transformed into Scars, which can't be used as regular ability but are worth 4 levels of the corresponding aspect Moth for Passion scars, Heart for Health scars for working. You can only have at most 3 scars of a given type. In order to start your path, you must dance with your Temptation: Change and at least 5 Moth aspect.

That will get you the Garments, Surrendered card. When the hook season comes, it will be consumed with your Temptation card, and you'll get Change: Leaf instead. The following is a succession of dancing with enough Moth at the club, getting an animal guise and sending it to the right expedition, and then advancing in your occult metamorphosis:.

Complete the main storyline of the Priest Legacy by opening your congregation to the secret truths of the world. Can be considered a Knock -themed victory. If you fail to satisfy all of the requirements, the Health is changed into An Injury instead of a Lock-Scar. Once the Work cycle completes, you must place an additional sacrifice, based on the type of Lore used, to finish creating the Lock-Scar. Each Lock-Scar is unique per type of Lore. When you have created all 7 Lock-Scars , initiate a Ritual that requires a Tool and place one of the Lock-Scars into the Tool slot, and add 22 more levels of Knock to begin the final cycle.

Every 30 seconds, add another Lock-Scar to progress. If you fail to add a Lock-Scar , Dread is being generated at every stage. Complete the main storyline of the Medium? Legacy by successfully transforming into a ghoul, an undead being that represents an alternative form of immortality.

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As the sun sets, the four men become contemplative and brooding; eventually, Marlow breaks the spell of silence by beginning his tale about his voyage to the Congo. Marlow comments to the men on the Nellie that he had long known the "lusty devils" of violence and greed that drive men, but in Africa encountered "a flabby, pretending, weak-eyed devil of a rapacious and pitiless folly. Marvel Spider-man Fleece Toss Blue. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. And we back every purchase up with our Happiness Guarantee. Please provide a town.

Can be considered a Winter -themed victory. A Variant Victory is a type of Standard Victory in which the player ascends with their lover. While this is not possible with a lover who is still alive, if they are transformed into a Shattered Risen or Burgeoning Risen , which is accomplished by using the corpse of the player's now deceased love interest in a Rite with 2 Edge and 4 Winter or 2 Moth and 4 Winter , they can ascend to the Mansus alongside the player instead of the player being forced to choose between one or the other.

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Ivory Heart (Ivory Hearts Book 1) eBook: Jacob Pettry: muskpefefi.tk: Kindle Store. When the newly founded Terraforce teams up with the Irregular Hunters, Jacob meets two people named Alyssa and Ryan, who would soon become a large part .

Those victories can only be pursued when starting with the appropriate Apostle legacy, which is only available after reaching the corresponding standard ascension victory:. You are given access to your previous cult, and based upon a vague message from your patron, you must conduct a ritual that will gain the direct attention of your patron's Hour so that they may ascend to Namehood.

There are multiple conditions that must be fulfilled, and an extra challenge added in the form of Enemy Long. These are ancient immortals that, for their own reasons, refuse to allow your patron to ascend to Namehood. Upon completion of any major ending, you sacrifice your life in your patron's ritual so that they can become a Name. It is unclear what level of Forge lore is required for this, as obtaining the highest level will probably happen by the time the Carcass Spark is found. Now take this follower to Kerisham, and finish the expedition. The follower will now have Aspect: Thine Eyes Have Seen, lose any other Aspect not related to the Compass role, and will then be prepared for the final rite.

After that, speaking to Sulochana Amavasya about a Shaper's Guidance will begin the introduction to Mrs. Speaking to Mrs. E will then require an exalted follower to eat or the Society of St Hydra cult card to show the lack of ability to exalt a follower. She bestows Mrs. E's Assistance, the final piece of the puzzle with a second timer. Sign In. From Cultist Simulator Wiki.

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Succumb to illness or starvation and die. As an Apostle , confront an enemy Long in the Mansus and lose. As an Apostle , allow a rival Long to ascend before your master.