Love with a Western woman: a guide for Japanese men

The Art of Getting a Japanese Guy: An Extensive Guide
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My dad bought me my first pair of uniqlo jeggings in the US and they were absolutely a perfect fit and I loved them, being an asian on the taller side. When I bought another pair in the Philippines they were weirdly short, but the fit was the same.

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I thought I had bought wrong! Hi Preetiz — Oh gosh! I wish they offered both sizing in both the US and in Asia.

It would save a lot of people confusion! Thank you for the article. It confirms what I have thought. I am a perfect size small in Uniqlo Japan. Love the clothes, but cannot afford to go to Japan to shop! Has anyone figured out how to online order the Asian sized clothes from here in the US? Thanks for your comment, Roni.

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Glad you found it useful Dore! Thanks so much for reading and taking time to leave a comment to let me know you liked this post! Hi there! I just recently came back from the Philippines. There is definitely a difference in size. I just got a rider jacket and the sleeves fit perfectly. Prices have been generally the same. This was super helpful! I just came back from Japan with a shirt I really liked and was thinking about getting another but it looks like I correctly assumed that the sizing here in the US is different.

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Hi Joy! Glad you found it useful. I just returned from another trip to Japan where I stocked up on more Uniqlo and Muji. Also, an Asian wife will never humiliate her husband at any given cost. When it comes to cooking, Asian girls are known. They are excellent cooks. Even if they are in any full-time job, they will always find time to manage all their household chores. Research has proven that Asian girls are submissive. They are pretty and soft-spoken. Their tradition allows the man to be the leader in the family. Asian brides have mastered the art of being the best life partners. Asian culture requires these hot ladies to get married at whichever they wish.

There are no age limits. Additionally, these ladies are always ready to sacrifice their interest for the sake of the family and their husband. They take the major household work, and they are dedicated to maintaining a blissful family. Any step taken by an Asian lady is greatly influenced by her society. They value their parents, relatives, friends, and neighbours. So, if you wish to win the heart of an Asian girl, you must get the society approval first.

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Asian women are alluring and attractive. Their beauty makes men fall in love at first sight. But what the reasons behind all this attractiveness?

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Continue reading to discover all this. Asian brides are very seductive with radiant skin, perfectly plated hair, brown or dark eyes, and beautiful faces. Dark sex eyes together with their amazing hairdos make it impossible for men to resist the beauty of these brides. These gorgeous ladies are endowed with a skinny and beautiful figure that men find magnetic.

Knowing your worth in an international relationship

Asian ladies believe that what is good for your body is good for your skin. It is for this reason that they pay attention to what they eat and drink. They prefer unprocessed, nutritious, and natural foods. To maintain their beautiful figures, they avoid drinking cold water.

They prefer hot drinks and herbal tea. A special beauty of Asian girls makes crazy a lot of men all over the world. One thing that is noticed at first is a hair of Asian lady. Long, brilliant, healthy women hair is very attractive for men from different countries. Not sophisticated hairdos, but just straight native hair. You will hardly find an Asian girl with a short haircut. Long hair was and is still being fashionable to this day. Also, girls experiment with the color of their hair, but prefer natural shades.

Eastern beauties are strikingly different from Europeans. Their appearance is characterized by some features.

And then the tsunami hit.

Love with a Western woman: A guide for Japanese men Do you want to be successful with women? Date and romance them with confidence and charm?. In print and on the Kindle. Also currently available to borrow from the Kindle Lending Library. Do you want to be successful with women? Date and romance.

Narrowly planted eyes - this is one of the main plus of the girls of Asian appearance. Seductive and mysterious, they fascinate, captivate the men's hearts and, of course, never leave their owner without envious sights of the other girls. Light, impeccable porcelain skin from the Ancient times was a sign that its owner belongs to the higher estates. There was an explanation: only poor Asian girl spent a lot of time in the dirty air and conditions, so exactly they were considered to have a darker skin.

Thin and beautiful figure is also important for any man, and exactly Asian ladies can be proud of their gift from nature: fragile, shy, soft-gaited. No one can come across without looking at such a special girl. Asian brides pay attention to what they eat and drink. The image of faithful domestic Asian wife is popularized worldwide more and more each year. Asian mail order brides sites become more popular and Asian singles — more desirable.

But what is a secret of Asian lady? Psychologists explain the phenomenon of so popular Asian women by the fact that they are a perfect demonstration of weaker sex. Any man wants to be the head of the family and Asian bride will give him all chances to be it. Men in Europe are tired of feminism and the imposition of "gender equality". One of the ways to restore the "normal state of affairs" for them is a wife from third world countries, where the man continues to dominate both at home and in society.

That is why Asian brides are so desirable and consider being the perfect wife of any man. But, perhaps, the simplest explanation of the phenomenon of Asian wives is more primitive - material well-being. Usual domestic things for European girl can be luxurious conditions for the Asian and her kids.

Even not rich man can get a status of the best one in the eyes of his beloved woman for a little money. I have some foreign female friends too, who say that they have felt like status symbols when dating Japanese men as well. But at the same time, I think the failure of many intercultural relationships in Japan comes down to extreme cultural difference and disagreement over expected roles in a relationship. As you say, there are success stories of Japanese men and foreign women dating, getting married and having very healthy relationships.

There are a number of intercultural YouTubers in Japan who have been very successful with their channels, showing what life is like as an intercultural couple in Japan.