Million Dollar Smile: Save Your Teeth and Your Wallet in Friendly Nicaragua

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Depending on the type of truck you are riding in we can give you different advice to ensure the most comfortable and safest ride possible. The majority of your travelling will be done in the back of a truck. Probably with all 20 of you at the same time.

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If the truck you are riding in happens to have bars attached to the back of it lucky then you better stand up along the side. It seems convenient until you hit a large bump, then you will understand.

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And if all of you are in the truck, then some people will have to go in the middle. Please, for their sake, scooch over just a little so they are holding on with at least one hand. The next best seating is on the wheel wells followed by a close runner-up: leaning against the cab. Once again trust your driver. People have a tendency to pass other vehicles whenever possible.

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The best advice we can give you in general about truck rides is the following: look up. Otherwise you run the risk of being smacked in the face by a stray branch or bug.

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First of all, they are almost as common as vehicles here. On the highway they zip past just about everyone and in Somoto they can be seen parked on every corner.

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If you could ride one, as the passenger it is best to wear pants and put the visor down if you are on the highway seriously, those bugs hurt when they hit you. And as with any moto it is best to ride as close to the driver as possible, nonetheless if two Nica males are on the same moto they will lean as far from each other as possible in order to avoid touching eeewwww. You will also see a variety of curious objects being transported on motos. Other bikes for example. Or chickens. Entire families.

So if your counterpart or their family takes you outside of the city with the permission of your supervisors of course the finest way to travel is via bus. The bus system in Nicaragua, once you figure it out, is pretty simple. You go to the bus station beforehand and buy a ticket to the place you want. If you forget, then you buy one from the bus attendant as you get on, or if you know-someone-who-knows-someone a lot of things in Nicaragua work this way you can get on beforehand and choose your own seating.

Get a seat early though. The buses stop all along the highway and pick up more people than you thought could possibly fit on a bus. Not quite as exciting, we know, but much more accessible. The only time that the same person pedals and steers is when the girl is sitting in front in a skirt and the guy is being a gentleman.

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Follow Us. A thousand dollars. For those who have never been, you are certainly not missing much. Paula Nelson agrees in her book, Guide to Getting Rich, that "passion equals profit," but warns exited entrepreneurs not to invest in a per- sonal fancy simply because they happen to love it. Armed with torches I liked to pretend we were Mulder and Scully our 3 hour hike took us deep into the forest. You want a Gold Medal and you're willing to pay the price.

So take a lesson boys! Honks in Somoto are as varied as objects that are transported on motos. They can range from the average honk to an incessant beepbeep! This is not coming from a car or truck though. It is literally coming from a donkey. They are used as pack animals, to pulls carts, and yes; even ridden. One of us learned it from the beginning and the other improved on the base she had.

You, though, are the only one responsible for whether or not you learn. Curiosity is the key. The goal of this chapter is not to teach you what books and classes could tell you. Lots of intimate hours with your grammar book, we promise! Instead of saying Yo estoy I am , they simply say Estoy. Would you like a coffee? Glass is vaso, but they could say: Dame un vasito Give me a glass.

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Buy Million Dollar Smile: Save Your Teeth and Your Wallet in Friendly Nicaragua: Read 1 Kindle Store Reviews - Million Dollar Smile: Save Your Teeth and Your Wallet in Friendly Nicaragua [Eva van Loon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Have dental.

The ONLY way you are going to learn to speak and understand is by communicating with the people around you. While this may be very limited at the beginning, it can also be a fun way to get to know your family.

Communicating may include using the 20 words that you know in Spanish, drawing, dictionary searching, and even hand gestures are often involved. At first you may be stuck translating every word in your head, but as time goes on you will begin to associate the word with the idea, not the translation.

Then you will start to understand without the pesky English middleman! The more you get comfortable in Spanish, we encourage you to use these… but be careful to use them appropriately! It could generate funny and awkward situations! It used to be pejorative, now not so much. It was initially referring to the Americans during their occupation here. They are your best guide.

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The sayings in this list are our best equivalent, however they always sound better in Spanish! For them, food is a pretext to meet with friends and family and spend time with them for hours and hours. Mostly, it is a way to show respect and solidarity with extranjeros, so you, dear Canadians.

Even if you just ate before visiting a friend and they serve you a plate of food, accept it with a smile, a well faked one, because you could insult your host. Especially if you visit someone in the countryside, because like we said: food is a sign of friendship and generosity. So even if some families barely eat 3 times a day, they will give you a full plate.

Mainly, their meals are rice and beans, but they have different ways of cooking them. The national meal of Nicaragua is Gallo Pinto; rice and beans, fried together. It is usually eaten at breakfast and supper.

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Believe me; even though you eat it every day, you will miss it once back home. Every meal, whatever you eat, is served with tortillas made of corn flour, delicious hot. Also, their non-expensive cheese is cuajada, similar to our feta cheese, but lighter. The other cheese, literally named queso is thicker and saltier. They often serve them with sour cream, crema. They call it tajadas and they taste like chips. They eat all the elements above together, mixed, and the tortillas are used like a plate.

It depends on the family, but you will have a few meals a week of meat or chicken for lunch. Their fruits are kind of a drug, be prepared to be fresh fruit deprived when you return to Canada. By the way, Rojita is a national pop, like red Fanta… but not.

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The aftertaste is a bit different.