The Day of Atonement

The Day of Atonement
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Why is it when you refer to God you spell it G-d? Whjy we Withe G-D Many serious Jews write the name of HaShem in this way because they don't want to create a document or even a e-message, which they are forbidden to destroy. There is such a belief that one should not destroy such a paper and in some places old prayers and similar writings in books and scrolls are either buried with the coffins of honored Jews, or stored within hidden places in synagogues.

Its Interpretations in Early Jewish and Christian Traditions

Some of these documents are centuries old and have more recently been discovered as having a rich source of archeological and sociological data. If today was confused for yom Kippur would tomorrow still have to be observed Reply. Are we allowed to observe yom kippur when having menstrual period? Please correct me if I am wrong.

As we begin by asking forgiveness from those we may have wronged perhaps we may forgive those of us who have hurt us? That request in the bedtime shema was always so hard to say still but if only we can 'use' this day to let go of sone of the frustration and anger? That could only be for a blessing. I couldn't agree with you more.

If we want G-d to forgive us unconditionally - shouldn't we do the same? Thank you for guiding with love For holding the space For uniting us Gilla Nissan Reply. Communicate with one's soul Fasting is supposed to afflict ones soul, but I would like to know about any other means for getting in touch with it. Since our soul is a part of G-d above, doing G-d's Mitzvot act as a catalyst to bring that G-dly part within us more to the fore.

Please see here for info about how a Mitzvah causes a union between G-d and us. For more about this soul experience please read this article. The word "sinner" should be banned from the English language. The only one who should be ashamed of themselves are those who actually believe they are better, and holier than anyone else, and either qualified or justified to judge another human being.

Religion is meant to teach us; to support us in times of despair; not to shame us or punish us. And never to categorize us with stupid hurtful terms like "sinner".

Your statement stirred my spirit and I went through the Tanakh and found that the word 'sinner' is mentioned 26 times and the Hebrew word is 'chatta'-To miss the way which occur together with the word 'wicked' rasha- Hostile to G-d. Therefore a sinner is one who has missed the way and is hostile towards G-d. Perhaps you should use this sacred holy time to delve inside yourself and find the root of what causes you such distress at hearing the term sinner. HaShem has given us the gift of teshuvah.

We can return to our true authentic nature through this gift.

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Gary, Do you see the term "sinner" in this particular article? A sinner is a person who makes a conscious free will decision to live outside the laws of G-d. They rebel against G-d being the ruler of their lives.

G-d established the 10 Commandments for us to live by, not to punish us, but to elevate us above the pagan world. These 10 Commandments,which also the Christians observe, are the basis of western civilization. The Judeo Christian western culture has greatly influence other cultures and because of that influence, the world is not such a barbaric place to live except in countries where Shari is the basis of law and behavior. In atheist Communist countries, the citizens lived under tyranny with great restrictions put upon them and with fear of their government. Whose laws will you choose to live under?

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You have the freewill to deny your God and your faith because you live in a country that recognizes your freedom in regard to your religion. Not so in Muslim or Communist countries.

The Day of Atonement

All our choices in this life have eternal consequences. We can not pick and choose what we disagree with in the Torah. Didn't the angel Israel wrestle with man and g-d? I assume wrestle would mean argue? I argue with g-d all the time because some of the stuff I read just doesn't make any sense? Like why if we aren't supposed to worship idols of gold that the casing of the Torah is so ornate?

And wealthy synagogues and churches are covered in gold? Am I ever hostile? I don't think so but I will not hold back my opinion because a book tells me to believe and never to question. I actually think the word sinner is partially from the Spanish word SI, meaning YES; because isn't a sinner someone who says YES too much to their impulses and desires?

Thank you. Without acknowledgment of sin there is no forgiveness.

Day of Atonement

Sin is any act against G-d, including idol worship. Therefore a sinner is anyone who sins and needs forgiveness from G-d. To not acknowledge your sin and yourself as a sinner is to believe you are better and be holier than thou, because we all have sinned. G-d is Judge, not us. Religion isn't "meant to" do anything because that is a man-made religion to serve ourselves. Religion is to bring us closer to G-d, and acknowledging ourselves as sinners is one of the ways.

True faith! I am a 71 year old Jewish woman, and for the first time, I am now understanding the history of Yom Kippur.

Thank you for making this information available to all who are interested in seeking it. Can we hear it?

What do I wish my friends on this Holy Day? Baruch Hashem.

Day of Atonement

How do we know that Moses came down the mountain on 10 Tishri? Is there a reference in the Torah?


Moses was on Mt. Sinai 3 times for 40 days each. Rashi, based on Midrash Tanchuma, explains that on 7 Sivan, Moses went up onto the mountain, on 17 Tammuz, the tablets were broken. On the 18th, he burned the Golden Calf and judged the transgressors. Sababa Reply. Thank you for this excellent and very enlightening explanation of Yom Kippur's beginnings. I'm curious as to whether Yom Kippur, falling on Shabbat this year, enhances the importance and solemnity of the day. It is indeed considered an extra special Yom Kippur when it falls out on a shabbat.

I love all the wonderful information..