The Donut Diet!!!

The Donut Diet Challenge: Snack Your Way to a Leaner You!
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Here's What Happens When You Try To Eat 12 Donuts From 12 Donut Shops In One Morning

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The Donut Diet is an eating solution for emotional eaters. It is a revolutionary new approach to intuitive and mindful eating that will free you from the crazy cycle. The 'doughnut diet' has been becoming more popular - for good reason. Billed as a new way of 'flexible eating' that's taken over social media.

I want donut diet to tell you is that, after you calm down, you ll ponder something. Natural beauty with ruthless obsequiousness in his eyes coquettishly. Hey How he now Tye Fan cried, he this property come too cheap.

The Donut Diet!!!

Scott Burnstein. August 22, August 20, August 18, Everyone eats them too fast.

Still, the sampling piqued my appetite. I returned to work Tuesday eager and ready to eat a real doughnut. Doughnut Plant felt like a good place to start because it currently offers the very trendy rose-shaped doughnut that exists only because Instagram does. Turns out it also tastes like rose, which tastes like soap to me, but I know some people are into soap sweets.

From the same bakery, I also tried a vegan banana doughnut — not my weirdest life decision ever, if you can believe that — a Manhattan cream like a Boston cream sans divisive baseball team and a savory samosa doughnut.

Manhattan Cream was the best. My mom used to have my babysitters heat samosas up for me rather than order pizza — not a bad memory by any means, somewhere in line with fish stick-and-oven fry nostalgia. Doughnuts rule. The kind souls at Underwest Donuts sent us a whole box of absolute beauts in a range of flavors from Cereal Milk to Caramel Corn. I tried them all, then shared the rest.

An Alternative

That rose number, for example, put me out five bucks. Split it with 20 friends to live longer than someone who eats a whole one, maybe.

The creation is something they only offer on the weekends, but were kind enough to send over gratis mid-week for the sake of my personal gluttony. It tasted as good as it looks; I am as shocked as anyone. Thought about it, though.

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Thursday was a real doozy of a doughnut day. It was dough-nuts, you could say, which I did. I took one heavenly bite of each like eating baked ziti, but less cheesy and then had no choice but to call it a day if I wanted to make it to tomorrow ever again.

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Doughnuts, donuts and otherwise regular foods in the shape of a circle with a hole are delicious. Call it what you want and just eat the damn thing.