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In the Cosmic Classroom Library you will find the Channelled Messages and insights gained from Heart- to- Heart communications with the consciousness beings we encounter during our group sessions. Our classes are designed to offer a safe place to explore these encounters with support, and we are mindful of not setting expectations. Authentic experiences are the best way to build confidence in your own abilities to receive messages through your heart- space. For this reason only some information is shared, whilst other insights are withheld in the Restricted Section.

You will find some direct transcriptions of the messages we received below.

The Mystical Energy - BLOG: "Channeled" Message from the Star Nations

Participant 1: Change happens. Hold onto Love.

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Each one of you is birthing a new consciousness in your own way. Help them to grow into their new consciousness. Participant 2: I am greeted by Yellow Light Beings with joy and warmth. They remind us to connect to these vibrations within us.

When we communicate through our Hearts we radiate our positive thoughts through the warmth of our presence. Joy is a pure vibration that can lift the spirits. When we stand fully in our Light we raise those around us, even those in the deepest pits of fear and despair, lifting them up to align with their Hearts once again. This vibration of Joy is being transmitted to us, it is the gift of these Lightbeings.

Are you A Starseed? Skyping Dr. Richard Boylan PhD...

It is there for all to find when we seek it. Breathe it in. This energy is similar to the colour of a candle flame. We are offered a connection to this vibration through a candle flame. Names of interviewees, though, are changed, and specific locations that might help identify them are left vague. Clarke, though, crafts her book in the context of native people interacting with ancestors, Star People, chronicling previously unreported aspects of native culture, her understanding of which dates to childhood, while promising anonymity to those who told their stories so that they could speak freely.

Taking a step back, let us state the obvious, that the concepts expressed here push the boundaries of what many consider reality. Some legends prove factually true, such as the archaeological discovery of the legendary city of Troy, others remain nebulous.

Description of the books

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr. Richard J. Boylan is a Ph.D. behavioral scientist, The Human - Star Nations Connection by [Boylan, Dr. Richard]. [DOWNLOAD] The Human - Star Nations Connection by Dr. Richard Boylan. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read .

I am from Montana and have many Indian friends and relatives. The subject of sky people has been discussed and accepted by both Indian and white peoples in Montana. Many of us are part Indian though we look more white than the red people and almost all of us believe the old stories and yes almost.

A true native will never say i look more white because we know it is only the appropriation and raping that caused a change in the complexion… next! Scalping was a native practice. This is made clear in the written accounts of whites who were kidnapped and held by native tribes.

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That does not mean that some whites did not scalp, but it was clearly an old native american practice. N they did so much worse. The native practice of scalping is engrained in their various cultures and belief systems with detailed doctrines regarding the afterlife pertaining to same. It is ritualistic and historical. They appeared Red! As far as scalping, white man were the ones that started that! Interesting where some of you come up with stuff! I have DNA certified Giant humans.. The giant stone spirit Hobbomock or Hobomock , a prominent figure in many stories, was credited with diverting the course of the Connecticut River where it suddenly swings east in Middletown, Connecticut, after several hundred miles of running due south.

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Hobbomuck is also credited with slaying a giant human-eating beaver who lived in a great lake that existed in the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts. According to native beliefs as retold by European settlers, the corpse of the beaver remains visible as the Pocumtuck Ridge portion of the Metacomet Ridge. Later, after Hobbomuck diverted the course of the Connecticut River, he was punished to sleep forever as the prominent man-like form of the Sleeping Giant, part of the Metacomet Ridge in southern Connecticut.

For instance, the great lake that the giant beaver was said to have inhabited may very well have been the post-glacial Lake Hitchcock, extant 10, years ago; the giant beaver may have been an actual prehistoric species of bear—sized beaver, Castoroides ohioensis, that lived at that time. Does anyone know of a place to visit where a Native American Indian dressed sits around either a fire or? I would like this preferably near Ohio to bring groups. Your email address will not be published. Richard Shulman As a composer, Richard Shulman has created over sixty pieces for jazz quartet as Kristine Pollock is a professional artist.

Kristine is a native Iowan following in the artistic She currently works for University Dora Dias resides in South Africa. She is a conscious energy channel, a sound and space shifter David J. Sterken is a pediatric nurse, energy and shamanic practitioner, and Vice President of the Petersburg, Florida, Brenda Edwards is a spiritual messenger, entrepreneur, teacher, and visionary. She has always had Paul Crouse is a personal development consultant, writer, motivational speaker and photographer Looking for Help with Your Spiritual Growth?

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Executive Staff. Sharon Rosenblum Associate Editor Sharon has traveled to many areas of the world, in part, courtesy of her time serving in the Air Force. Current Contributing Writers. Mervyn Kelly Mervyn Kelly lives and works on the east coast of Britain. Adriane Campbell Adriane grew up on the coast of South Carolina. Ed Langan Ed is a psychic channel for ascended masters, a law of attraction expert, and a spiritual teacher. Brandaleen Johnson Brandaleen is a nature loving, law of attraction junkie who is an author, psychic medium, spiritual coach and educator.

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Jan Beaver Jan is an educator, author, storyteller, curriculum writer, workshop presenter and traditional dancer from Alderville First Nation. Eddie Mullins Eddie was raised in the countryside of America, surrounded by miles of wilderness and woodlands. Paul Crouse Paul Crouse is a personal development consultant, writer, motivational speaker and photographer based in Kyoto, Japan. Eddie Mullins Eddie was raised in the countryside of America, surrounded by miles of wilderness and woodlands Sharon Rosenblum Associate Editor Sharon has traveled to many areas of the world, in part, courtesy of her time Donna Thompson Donna is an artist, teacher, writer and spiritual seeker.

She is also an elder of South Laura MacLachlan Rev. Tami Gulland Tami Gulland mentors smart, intuitive women coaches, healers and creative entrepreneurs to Brown Susan Q. McFarland Susan J. Stephen Schmidt Stephen Schmidt has been a student of Metaphysics and Spirituality for over 20 years.