How to Trick Your Lazy Brain Into Embracing New Year’s Resolutions
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Fittingly, both authors followed their own advice in writing the books. Laziness seems to be a mini-trend in book publishing.

The lazy person’s guide to getting more done

Editorial Reviews. From the Author. James F. Coyle was the founder and CEO of the AUSTRALIAN MINDPOWER RESEARCH FOUNDATION. He has written The ultimate way to get ahead in life while sitting in your favourite armchair! Let your mind do the work.. not your body! Some of the world's most successful.

Perhaps it was inevitable that laziness would emerge as a self-help gimmick. Every other gimmick has already been tried. Skeptics roll their eyes. Returning in , he signed up with former Beatles guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as a teacher of transcendental meditation. When the maharishi later opened a university in Fairfield, Iowa, Gratzon and hundreds of other meditation instructors moved to the tiny town.

He was invited to the White House.

The Lazy Way to Success: Hard Work versus Smart (and Rich) Laziness

A year later, he launched Telegroup, which sold discounted long-distance service. Along the way, Gratzon also ran for the U. Senate, racking up a whopping 4, votes out of 1. Today, he lives with his wife and son in a million-dollar Iowa home with an indoor pool and private lake. Although generally entertaining, the book is thin on specifics. The central thesis is that people should junk the idea that long hours bring wealth.

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Then you need a new math. One key to that new math is lots of leisure time, so the brain has a chance to unwind and hatch brilliant ideas. Consider the case of composer Johannes Brahms. Then a funny thing happened. The book is really about achieving great results through a very simple investing strategy.

How To Be Rich If You’re LAZY

Larimore did not invent that idea. Scott Burns , a longtime personal finance writer, advocated it decades before, and there are certainly other examples. Each suggests an approach similar to the one Mr.

Lazy with benefit vs lazy without benefit

Larimore puts forth. But that it is not unique does not minimize the appeal of Mr. People who think investing is difficult and time consuming tend to put it off, and this could get them to act. That is a good thing, as is the fact that Mr.

Larimore advocates using index funds, which not only come with lower costs than actively managed ones but typically outperform them. In addition, using only three distinct funds eliminates potential overlap. When you own many mutual funds, the odds are that the same holding say Apple will appear in two or more of them, which could reduce the overall diversification of your portfolio.

And, of course, having only three funds makes rebalancing your portfolio easier, when stock market gains, for example, leave you with a greater percentage of your wealth in equities than you want. The half first.

I could have done without the constant praise from his fellow Bogleheads — who are known only by their initials in the book — for the three-fund idea. No need to keep saying so. As for my weightier objections, first, I wish Mr. Larimore had been more helpful in his discussion of asset allocation. He is clear on the question of what percentage of your stock holdings should be invested outside the United States.

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His answer is 20 percent, which, intriguingly, is much less than Vanguard recommends. The company says you may want to have 40 percent of your stock holdings in equities not based in the United States.

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The reason for the 20 percent figure, Mr. Larimore writes, is that he split the difference between Vanguard and Mr.

Why being lazy and procrastinating could make you wildly successful

Bogle, who stepped down in as the chief executive of the company, which he founded in In recent interviews, Mr. Bogle has been less emphatic. The problem with that is twofold. One size does not fit all.