The No-Sweat Guide to a Good Life

No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness
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I am far from bored! I have already noticed results! This guide has really pushed me to get back to my toned self and makes me work out.

15 No-Sweat Home Workouts

Thank you Rachael! You are awesome!

I have completed week one and week two, and literally just purchased week 3 to start tomorrow. I LOVE this workout guide.

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I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys working out regularly, and to anyone just starting out. It is the first time in a long time that I get excited to get up in the morning to do my workouts. Thank you, Rachel!

Creating Rachael's GOOD SWEAT Guide - Rachael's Good Eats

Also, I work out at least 5 times per week and I feel sore each morning since I started this guide, which has not been happening lately with my other routines…. I love it!

I feel stronger, physically and mentally, after just three weeks completed. I highly recommend this program to anyone, no matter your fitness and experience level.


Thanks, Rachael! Easy to follow and quick for someone with a busy schedule.


I have been loving these workouts!!!! I love the dedication and time Rachael put into designing these, it really shines through each week. They are super challenging and I can already tell I am getting stronger!! I am so happy with these and love that Rachael is doing them with us!! I love how each day is a full body workout yet there is still such a variety of exercises! I was looking for something to switch up my routine and you nailed it, thank you so much!

Finished my first week. I started on week 2 and I really love the workouts. No matter how tired I am before I start, I just do it and feel great afterwards.

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You can make it as hard as you can and push yourself with every excercise. Thank you Rachael!!! Before I would flop around on the treadmill and wander around the gym not knowing what to do.


It keeps me interested and engaged throughout the entire session. Share or comment on this article: Feeling good for life will take you only 15 minutes a day: The no-sweat guide by Jennifer Lawrence's trainer Dalton Wong e-mail May recommend to the right pe A short, informative book on how we form our relationship to exercise and what it means to us. The key to looking your best is to spend just 15 minutes — around one per cent of your day — making small but effective changes, say health writer Kate Faithfull-Williams and celebrity fitness trainer Dalton Wong. We've probably all heard the phrase "don't make a mountain out of a molehill.

Now, I have a plan of what to do and I honestly have so much fun and feel more confident at the gym. Would highly recommend! Overall, she is awesome! I love doing these work outs because I can do them at the gym or at home so I have no excuse not to get it done. When I do go to the gym, I like having a plan and feeling accomplished! I also had just found out I was pregnant when it first came out but I bought the 1st week anyway and it was awesome. I am so glad I have this program to do throughout my pregnancy!

Behavior expert Michelle Segar has devoted her career to the science of motivation.

Over the years she has discovered a groundbreaking law of humanity that has completely revamped her mindset on how we are best motivated to exercise: Human beings are hardwired to choose immediate gratification over delayed benefits. Translating twenty years of research on exercise and motivation into a simple four-point program, she helps readers broaden their definition of exercise, find pleasure in physical activity, and discover realistic ways to fit it into their lives.

Free exercise: No money? No sweat

With the revolutionary principles and exercise tips in No Sweat, getting in shape has never been so much fun. She holds a Ph. Now in her mid-fifties, she'd been carrying around excess weight for thirty years, ever since she'd given birth to her first child.

Nothing works. I can't seem to lose weight for more than a few months at a time, and then it comes back again. I'm calling you because I know your specialty is motivation. And I need to be motivated! Maybe too motivated. I could hear the annoyance in her voice, but I also heard the anxious pressure of should driving her frustration. She should eat less, be thinner, work out more, take care of her health. But when eating and moving become something we should do or have to do rather than something we want to do, this undermines motivation and participation big time.

After all, who looks forward to "taking her medicine"? But I want you to at least consider it. I swear I'll follow it to a T. Instead of watching calories and driving yourself to sweat, you'll begin enjoying your life by being as physically engaged in it as possible. How does that sound?

And don't I have to sweat to get the benefit? Or else why do it? Honestly, I've tried just as many exercise plans as diets, and I couldn't stick with any of them. I fail with exercise too. I'm not going to ask you to exercise either. I think she thought I was crazy.

I knew that this statement must have sounded downright insane coming from a motivation coach who specializes in getting people to become physically active. I can't stand going to the gym. First, it's boring. I hate those machines and dragging myself through classes with perky instructors. Plus I'm surrounded by skinny young women who run on those treadmills as though they're outracing the bulls at Pamplona.

It's so depressing! Maybe you haven't either, so let's talk about it right now.