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Scale of one to ten—how hungry are you? How weak-kneed? Are you still struggling with that?

That this is a collective dream? Might this be an elaborate joke? A hoax? Will you come over and pinch me? Will you come over to my apartment and touch me like you used to? Is that significant? What are the odds? Who does it remind you of most? Marlon Brando—after he got fat? Charles Kuralt? When they say that the planet might be comprised entirely of organic matter, that it might have a cutaneous geography, that it might have a pulse—what the hell does that mean?

Behind those lips, so thin and wide, are there teeth? Even if it could chew, what would it eat? Space dust? Deep within the belly of the planet is there a digestive system? At the south pole, an anus? What would it shit? Have you noticed that one nostril is slightly bigger than the other? Does the presence of a nose, generally, confuse you to the point of exhaustion? Because what good is a nose in space? As in, no oxygen? As in, nothing at all? What are the chances it has a brain? If it does, is it a wrinkled and pink-gray, like ours?

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Would it have neurons and synapses? And why are its eyes closed? Is it sleeping—or dead?

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Is it playing possum? Like a small child, does it think it can render itself invisible by keeping its eyes closed? Should you come over? Is this the end?

Should we go to bed? Do you still think about me that way?

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Remember the stars over Lake Sutton? The moon reflected in the water? Do you ever think about that weekend—the little cabin with the cedar plank walls, the toaster that burned every English muffin , those blue moth-eaten blankets, the sound of the mice behind the wall as I draped my arm over your side? Is your car gassed? Are you familiar with that old silent movie, A Trip to the Moon?

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Do you remember how the moon in that movie had a face? Am I remembering this right? Was there pus? Did I make up the pus? Should we panic? Are horses, spooked, stampeding somewhere? Are birds flinging their poor bird bodies into windowpanes? On a scale of one to ten, how? Did you see that, Fatimah? Fatimah, are you watching this?

Is the face moving? Actually moving? Should I switch over?

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The Planet Masters book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Larson McCade, enhanced troubleshooter has come to the decadent planet. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Allen L. Wold is the bestselling author of nine science The Planet Masters - Kindle edition by Allen L. Wold. Download it .

Is the image clearer? Fatimah, what am I looking at? Fatimah, do you know what a pleasure it is say your name again, Fatimah? To wear those syllables on my tongue? Do you understand a word of what this idiot news anchor is saying? Is this happening in real time or was it pre-recorded?

Did you know we had telescopes this powerful out there in space? Are you freaking out? Are its eyes really fluttering? Are they opening? Did we wake it up somehow? What is it looking at? Have we upset it?


What are the chances it can see us from this distance? Will you come over now?

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Did it just blink? Did it seriously just blink? Did we ever know anything? Is there such a thing as an immutable fact?

Were we—in it, love? The programme combines geology, geophysics, mathematics, physics, chemistry and field studies to address how the solid Earth works. It allows you to specialise in virtually any aspect of solid Earth science, ranging from theoretical geophysics to pure geology or geochemistry. Many students choose a combined geology-geophysics focus. The main subject areas you will study consist of seismology, tectonophysics, mantle dynamics, structural geology, metamorphism, magmatic processes, sedimentary basin evolution, properties of Earth materials, including their relevance for sustainable, unconventional and conventional geo-resources.

You will examine processes ranging from slow geodynamic processes - such as mantle convection, plate tectonics and mountain building - to those having an impact on human time scales.

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These include active crustal deformation, seismicity and volcanism, as well as subsidence, uplift and seismicity induced by hydrocarbon production, geological storage of CO2 and geothermal energy as well as applied and environmental mineral physics topics. You will work at scales ranging from satellite imagery and field observations to laboratory experiments and petrographic studies, and from global seismic tomography to electron microscopy. You can choose one of three specialisation tracks based on your interests in the field:. The Earth Structure and Dynamics programme focuses on all aspects of the solid Earth as a key component of system Earth — and therefore of Earth system science.

This encompasses the structure, dynamics, and evolution of the solid Earth over the full range of spatial and temporal scales as well as the role of solid Earth structure and processes in societally relevant issues such as energy, geo-resources, and geohazards. Publisher: St. Martin's Press. Larson McCade, enhanced troubleshooter and wandering grandson of a nameless refugee, has come to the decadent planet of Seltique, culturally isolated from the rest of the galaxy after its bid for political mastery two thousand years ago.