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By Helen Pilcher. Her parents were emotionally distant and offered her little comfort.

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Midsomer Murders (–) TV | 1h 42min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | Episode aired 5 July After a noted author speaks before a group of local Midsomer writers, the naked body of the event's host is found bludgeoned to death in his bedroom. Written in Blood is a crime novel by English author Caroline Graham, the fourth book in her popular Chief Inspector Barnaby series, which has been adapted into .

Now aged 56, Olivia lives near a busy road. She is poor, smokes, drinks much more than is good for her, and has panic attacks.

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The technology now exists to read in our blood all the kinds of information described above, and more. Such tests could tell others much about our health and habits, state of mind and socio-economic status.

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It could also reveal details from bygone decades, such as experiences from the furthest recesses of our childhood. This is possible because the world we live in and the experiences we have leave subtle traces on our DNA, and we are now learning how to decipher these marks.

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On the positive side, this powerful tool could help doctors spot all kinds of diseases and disorders. In shops. On the internet.

In your…. I have news!!

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